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Electives in Greensprings School provide students with many new skills, learning and physical exercises.  Active participation in these activities help to develop a student’s social and creative thinking skills, this forms part of our strategy to ensure we deliver on our promise of a well-rounded education for every student.

Electives take place on Tuesday and Thursday from 2:30pm – 3:25pm; and students are given the opportunity to choose one activity of their choice (on Tuesday for Years 1 to 3 and on Thursday for Years 4 to 6) that they will partake-in during the term.  Children are not allowed to alter their choice once selected until
the end of term.  Below is a brief description of the activities on offer:

The Game of Chess

Chess is the most intellectual game known to man. The game depicts human reasoning in his environment. It involves calculations, strategies and simple logical reasoning. The chess players develop precise decision making abilities and can recognise weaknesses and strong points to make good his position on the chess board. The game teaches techniques of the game and how it imitates life.


Dance can be defined as a sequence of rhythmic steps or movements performed to music, for pleasure or as a form of social interaction, as well as physical exercise. The objective is to boost the students` confidence, character building, physical fitness and development of communication skills.

Craft ‘N’ Decoration

This activity is geared towards equipping young minds with entrepreneurship skills.  This does not imply the use of complex activities or heavy tools but simple and easy to reach materials.  The content of Craft ‘n’ Decoration includes decorations and durable crafts e.g. card and book cover making, fabric prints – T-shirt, socks, face caps, trendy visors, gift boxes, beading amongst a host of others.


Taekwondo is a fun and healthy martial arts form. Learning this sport teaches you self-defence and will help you stay physically and mentally fit. It is also a great way to learn how to do cool things like break boards, or a stack of bricks, with your bare hands – but don`t try this unless you`ve had proper training from a qualified Tae Kwon Do teacher.Unlike most other sporting activities, Taekwondo promotes the improved formation of one`s character by building up student`s self-confidence, self-respect, self-discipline.


Drama is a unique tool to explore and express human feelings.  It enhances cognitive, affective and motor development in the children. Students act out all the fun from an interesting day and role-play demanding situations in drama elective.
Special events in the school calendar and drama production are rehearsed in this club. Drama includes not only acting but film-making, presenting, speech-making and story writing classes. Students in this club have appeared on national television.


Swimming provides opportunities for students to learn basic skills on safety and rescue operations.  Endurance skill, speed/action/reaction time, flexibility and breathing skills are also enhanced.  Awareness is also stressed on discipline and respect for basic swimming rules and regulations.  It is also an opportunity to select best swimmers to join the school team.  Finally, swimming activity gives opportunity for future career in swimming or water related environment.

The Literary and Debating Club

This is where book speaks and come alive! Students are engaged in different reading activities during which they explore: The plot of a story, characters in a story and different styles used by authors. They go on imaginary trips to places featured in the books they read and act out characters related to these books. All these activities help the children in real life situations to be able to decode what they read in news and other events happening out there.

Computer Whiz Club

Computer Whiz Club teaches students the basic elements of creating animated Cartoon:


Fencing is art form, an ancient symbol of power, glory and status, and a deeply personal individual form of expression. Fencing is also one of the four sports that have been featured in every modern Olympic Games.

Rhythm and Mind (Orchestra)

Every student is encouraged to be part of the school orchestra in order to enhance their musical skills. Most students in Elementary school are members of the orchestra. Rhythm and Mind is the nexus between high cerebral performance with musical instructions using the orchestra based training techniques and instrument with choral formation.

Skills for Life

Skills for life are DIY skills that children will find relevant all through life. Some work tools are provided for every child. Skills for life activities include:
Photography, automobile maintenance, fashion designing and hair making.


Gymnastics is a great way for children to build physical competence and confidence while developing self-esteem. In Gymnastics children learn coordination and body control, hard work ethics, flexibility, social skill, discipline, politeness, determination etc. Many of these skills form the motor pathways that promote intellectual development. Gymnastics helps children to learn to focus and to participate appropriately in a class environment. It is a fun activity.

Mad Science
We present science to children as an interesting subject which could also be full of fun. Children benefit from hands-on experiments and in the process they acquire drawing, construction and thinking skills.

It is a French dance that tells a story. The demonstration helps to tell the lyrics of a song. We teach the five basic dancing steps. Our costumes are tutu, pantyhose and the ballet shoes.

Cookery teaches children from a tender age the art of cooking with fun in order to stimulate their interest in catering. This is a practical class and the children are allowed to participate under close supervision.

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