Frequently Asked Questions

          a)               Q: Can school fees be paid in installments?

           A: Yes, it can and there is a loan facility with RenMoney for installment payments


          b)              Q: What curriculum does the school provide?

           A: We run the National British Curriculum


          c)               Q: Why do your children not write the SSCE/NECO examination?

           A: We prepare our students for the IGCSE which is a nationally and internationally recognised secondary school qualification


          d)              Q: Is the IGCSE certificate accepted in Nigerian Universities?

           A: Yes, it is


          e)               Q: Do you offer Nigerian languages in your Elementary and Secondary Schools?

            A: We offer Cultural Studies only in Elementary School


          f)                Q: Why do you have 5 years in your Secondary School instead of 6 years?

            A: This is a requirement for the National British Curriculum


          g)               Q: Do you have affiliations with schools abroad which can help in University admissions?

            A: No, we don’t


          h)              Q: What types of sports does the school offer?

            A: Football, basketball, lawn tennis, table tennis, swimming, athletics, gymnastics, taekwondo, fencing, ballet etc


          i)                 Q: Can I know my child’s score after the entrance examination?

            A: No, but we can tell you if the child passed or failed


          j)                 Q: Why do I have to pay the same price for a return trip on the school bus when I am only interested in a one-way trip?

            A: This is because you are paying for a seat on the bus irrespective of the trip


          k)               Q: Do you provide lunch?

            A: Yes, we provide healthy, nutritious cooked meals for our children


          l)                 Q: Is after-school compulsory in Pre-school?

            A: After-school is compulsory for students in the last class of Pre-school i.e. Pink Class


          m)            Q: Where is the Anthony Campus boarding house situated?

            A: 7, Olowogbowo Street, off Coker road, Ilupeju, Lagos


          n)              Q: How do I apply for admission for my child? 

         A: Your child has to be a certain age by the 1st of September to be eligible for admission. For example, age 4 for Blue Class in Pre-school, age 8 for Year 4 in Elementary School, age 13 for Year 9 in Secondary School etc. Then you may get the application form.


          o)              Q: How do I get the application form?

           A: You can purchase the form from the Anthony or Lekki Campus


          p)              Q: What educational services do Greensprings provide?

          A: We provide Crèche (3months – 17 months), Pre-school (18 months – 4 years), Elementary (5years - 10years), Secondary (11years - 15years) and Sixth Form (16+)


          q)              Q: When and where can I get the school uniform? 

           A: You can get the school uniform during the week, between 8am and 4pm, from the school store by presenting your receipt.


          r)                Q: Are there any discounts on school fees or available payment         

          A: We currently have a 15% discount off tuition on the third sibling specifically the youngest child and subsequent child(ren) and different discounts on annual payments (10% discount before the end of July and 5% discount before the end of August). There is also a 5% discount on referral on admission.


          s)                Q: What subjects do the entrance exams cover for new students?

            A: Years 1 – 8: English and Mathematics.

                Year 9: English, Mathematics and Biology

     Year 10: Mathematics, English, French and any Science subject (Biology, Physics, and Chemistry).


          t)                Q: Do you admit into Year 11?

A: No, we do not. The IGCSE syllabus starts in Year 10 and ends in Year 11 with the IGCSE exams.


          u)              Q: When is your entrance exam date?

A: Year 7 entrance exam is usually in December for the next session. Other years are fixed based on appointment by the admissions team.


          v)               Q: Do you run a school bus system?

           A: Yes we do, based on the availability of space and the route.


          w)             Q: What is the percentage of day to boarding students?

           A: 85% of our secondary students are boarders.


 x)            Q: What does your fee cover?

          A: It covers tuition, lunch, educational materials, uniforms and a one-time registration fee.


'         y)             Q: From what age do you admit a child into boarding school?

           A: We admit children from ages 10 years and above.





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