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What is BTEC?

BTEC is Business and Technology Education Council.

BTEC has earned its reputation as the world’s most successful applied learning qualification, providing students with a clear line of sight into work. Encouraging students to take responsibility for their own learning, BTEC develops the practical, interpersonal and thinking skills essential for professional life.

BTECs are developed in consultation with employers and higher education experts, so they can trust that anyone who is BTEC qualified will demonstrate the high standards of knowledge, practical skills and understanding required for further study and employment. Some of the subject areas currently covered are:

    Applied Science
    Art and Design
    Business and Services
    Children and Young People
    Construction and the Built Environment
    Driver Training
    Hair and Beauty
    Health and Social Care
    Hospitality, Travel and Tourism
    Land-based and Environment
    Performing Arts and Music
    Public Services and Uniformed Services

About BTEC in Greensprings School

BTECs are vocational qualifications designed to give students the skills they need to either move on to higher education or go straight into employment. They give teachers the freedom to create a programme that they want to teach and that students will want to learn.  

What is vocational learning?

With government, teachers, parents and students, we’ve talked about what vocational learning is and how it supports our young people to progress in their lives through learning.

Here in Greensprings School, we create vocational – or applied learning – qualifications which help students acquire knowledge, skills and understanding through practical, work-related activities in a real-life context so that they can apply what they’ve learned.

When combined with academic learning in a school or college (or as a stand-alone course in further or higher education), vocational learning develops a range of practical knowledge and skills which help learners to prepare for – and progress in – their chosen career.

We offer these BTEC courses:

    Business and Services

Art and Design, IT, Sport and other courses will be offered as progress is made…

For further information, please visit the BTEC website