IB Diploma Programme

Entry Requirements

The Sixth Form at Greensprings School admits motivated and committed students with minimum of 5 credits in their O’ Levels (GCSEs, IGCSEs or WASSCE).  Candidates will not normally be asked to sit for an entrance test as conditional offers are made based on O’ Level predicted grades.  However, other requirements will have to be met as well (please see admission requirements).
Why We Offer the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) and the University Foundation Programme (UFP)

Greensprings Sixth Form is a full boarding co-educational establishment that aims to build a value based community of learners who are hardworking, purpose-driven, self-motivated and reflective.  The IBDP curriculum, with its emphasis on the IB Learner Profile, as well as the core components of the curriculum hexagon, is an educational model that supports our goals as a school. At Greensprings School, we also believe that IB diploma and UFP programme are the right pathway to Top Universities around the world.
The IBDP Curriculum Hexagon


Subject Choices
In addition to the CORE, which is compulsory for all students, IBDP students take 6 subjects; 3 at Higher Level and 3 at Standard Level. One subject each must be chosen from Groups 1 to 5, and the final subject from either Group 3, 4 or 6.
Languages Ab Initio are counted as standard level subjects.
Students may choose one subject each from the subject blocks below. A minimum of a ‘B’ grade is required for subjects chosen at higher level.


Language A1:

Language B:

Individuals & Societies

English Language & Literature HL/SL

French SL/ Ab Initio

Spanish AB Initio*

Economics HL/SL Geography HL/SL

History HL/SL

Business Management HL/SL

IInformation Technology in a Global Society HL/SL

Experimental Sciences:

Mathematics & Computer Science:

The Arts:

Physics HL/SL

Chemistry HL/SL

Biology HL/SL

Mathematics HL

Mathematics SL

Mathematics Studies SL


CORE: Theory of Knowledge (ToK) Extended Essay (EE) Creativity, Action & Service (CAS)







Physics HL/SL

History HL/SL

Business Man HL/ SL

Chemistry HL/SL

History HL/SL

Business Man HL/ SL

Economics HL/SL

Geography HL/SL

Biology HL / SL

Economics HL/SL

English A: Lang & Lit HL/SL


French SL

French Ab In

Spanish AI*

Maths HL

Maths SL

Maths St SL



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