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Crèche (3months - 18months)

Greensprings School opened its doors to babies on Monday 7 September, 2015 at Lekki and Anthony campuses...

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Pre-school (18months - 5years)

The Pre-school section of Greensprings School is a specially-prepared Montessori environment, laying a solid foundation for...

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Elementary (5years - 11years)

The primary formative years are set to achieve a secure level of functionality and effectiveness in...

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Secondary (11years - 16years)

In the first year of the secondary school (our Y7) the scope of the curriculum widens...

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Sixth Form - IB UFT SAT SSAT

Greensprings Sixth Form is a boarding and day co-educational establishment that aims to build a value...

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Term Dates 2016/2017 Academic Year
Term Dates 2017/2018 Academic Year
1st Term: 5 September – 16 December, 2016
 1st Term: 11th September - 15th December
Mid-Term Break: 21 – 28 October, 2016  Mid term 23rd to 27th October
2nd Term: 9 January – 31 March, 2017
 2nd Term:  8th January - 28th March
Mid-Term Break: 17 – 24 February, 2017  Mid term 12th to 16th February
3rd Term: 24 April – 7 July, 2017
 3rd Term 16th April - 13th July
Mid-Term Break: 26 – 29 May, 2017  Mid term 29th May to 1st June.

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